Scholarships are awarded primarily based on financial need. Some scholarship programs may consider other factors including participation in certain activities, academic majors, academic talent, or performing talent. Scholarship criteria and application requirements may vary depending on the criteria set by for the scholarship, for example, some scholarship opportunities may only be available for students who have not yet earned a post-secondary degree at any level. Other scholarships opportunities may only be available to students seeking certification through a workforce development program.
Completing the General Scholarship application will help match you to available Scholarships and provide any next steps if required.

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Step 1: Complete the General Application
Click the “Sign in with your institution” button below and log in with your Tri-C ID and password to complete your general application. Once you submit your completed application, you will be automatically considered for all scholarships for which you meet the basic criteria. Please pay careful attention to information provided about scholarship eligibility requirements.

Step 2: Check your Recommended Scholarship Opportunities for Additional Requirements
Check your Tri-C email for instructions on completing Step 2. Completing this step is critical as many scholarships have additional application requirements before you can be considered for an award.


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